Employment PowerHour - A Guide to Employment Tribunals

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The statistics show that the number of employment tribunal claims brought against employers has been steadily on the rise since the requirement to pay a fee to submit a claim was removed in 2017. We have certainly seen this in the number of employment tribunal claims that we are dealing with for our clients.

In view of this and the increasing likelihood that you as HR professionals and those within your organisations will be involved in employment tribunal claims at some point, we thought it would be timely to provide you with an overview of the employment tribunal claims process from A to Z; from early conciliation through to final hearing and all the stages in-between.

As you will appreciate this is quite a substantial topic to cover and so we’ve decided to split it over two PowerHours:

Part 2 – Tuesday 28th March 2023 – Managing the Employment Tribunal Process

In this PowerHour we’ll be looking at:

  • Evidence and disclosure obligations;
  • Preparing witnesses and witness statements;
  • The hearing (remote (CVP) and in person);
  • Remedies;
  • Costs; and
  • Settlement.

You can catch up on Part 1 with the recording and slides below.

 Part 1 – Wednesday 15th February 2023 – Avoiding and Preparing for an Employment Tribunal

Download a PDF of the Slides

In this PowerHour we looked at:

  • Key ways to mitigate the risk of an employment tribunal including how to identify and pre-empt issues early, effectively manage workplace issues when they arise and utilising protected conversations and settlement agreements where appropriate;
  • The Early Conciliation process, how it works and the impact it has on time limits;
  • Time limits generally for bringing a claim and when and how they can be extended;
  • The ET3 Response;
  • Key preliminary issues to consider; and
  • Case Management.

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