UK Government £1.57bn Package For Arts And Culture

The announcement by the UK Government of a £1.57bn support package for arts and culture will be made up of support for cultural organisations through a mixture of grants and loans.

The Government also announced a requirement for local authorities to have due regard to the current circumstances when considering an application for permission for change of use, development or demolition of a theatre, concert hall or live music performance venue where such venues are temporarily vacant because of the coronavirus.

Local authorities can play an important part in enabling arts and culture to flourish in their areas, by owning and managing arts and cultural venues themselves, by including them in regeneration schemes and in their decisions on planning applications.

Read Tiffany & Clare’s article published on LocalGov which provides information on the steps to be taken by Local Authorities in order to fulfill their roles of support for arts and the application of the planning law. Read Article Here

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